About DJ Hen Boogie

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"I make music because I have so much to say"

Words spoken by the artist known as DJ Hen Boogie.

Speaking through the medium of music has been achieved by a select few of musical legends such as Coltrane, Miles, and Pharaoh Sanders. A modern day musical orator in his own right, Hen Boogie has been blessed to convey messages in the music. Be it on of his journey like DJ sets or production sound scapes, the listener is taken on an excursion like no other.

DJ Hen Boogie born Henry Alexander III is an American born DJ and producer whose music encompasses and fuses a wide variety of genres including jazz, hip hop, electronic music, and soul. He is arguably best known for being a pioneer of the Bay Area independent hip hop movement of the early 1990s as the production mind behind the group The Dereliks whose release "A Turn on the Wheel is Worth More than a Record Deal" is a highly sought recording over 10 years after its initial release.


Dee Lewis

He's the illest blend king hands down...everything he put out is fire..